How to stream flash videos via Dropbox

1. Create a folder named „flash“ at your public Dropbox folder.

2. Upload all files and folders from this zip file to the prepared Dropbox folder.

3. Convert your desired video file to the flv format and name it „yourvideo.flv“.

4. Copy the converted file to this subfolder: /dropboxusercontent/public/flash/videos

5. Get public Dropbox links for all files that appear in this html script.

These are: http:// …
[xxx is a placeholder for your link specifics]

6. Copy those links to the corresponding locations in the script.
7. Copy the whole code to your web page. That’s it. If you have any questions, just send me an email.
Of course you can change some parameters in the code and in the file settings.xml to adjust the player to your demands.

… and here you can see that it works …

[As of March 2017 Dropbox has disabled public folder sharing, so this does not work anymore, at least with Dropbox.]